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Riding Horses For Sale/lease 

not all horses listed are available for sale and lease please inquire for more details

**all horses are potentially subject to HST**

Pricing Categories 

A: 0 - 9999

B: 10000 - 19999

C: 20000 - 29999

D: 30000 - 39999

E: 40000 - 49999

F: 50000 +  

Stay tuned for a new updated list of Sales horses available.  Janako Farms has amalgamated with Uphill Dressage in Uxbridge and will be offering up multiple high quality Imported dressage horses as well as some Hunter/jumpers.  Please send an email with any inquiries as to what you are looking for, so we can let you know what we have that may be suitable.  

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