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No Matter your aspirations we have a place for you, big or small, experienced or not we are here to provide you a place to grow, learn, and thrive.  We have instructors and horses for most levels.  From beginner to advanced we can build your skills, and confidence in a safe learning environment.  

The big things we instil in ALL our riders no matter the level, or discipline of choice is strong flat work, correct riding, and safety.  All our students are given a solid foundation, with a lot of work on position, correct communication with their horse, and strong skills on the flat with a bare minimum of basic dressage.  This takes time to develop, and one should not expect to be jumping every lesson, or to speed through the process here at Janako.  We develop true horse people, and we expect that you will come to your lesson with an open mind, and the desire to be the best you can be.  The rider who puts in the effort will reap the rewards not matter what level of natural talent you have.    

We have students competing in many different disciplines, including, eventing, jumpers, dressage, and even the odd hunter.  We attend A, and B rated shows, as well as local horse trials.  There is literally something for everyone here at Janako. But please don't feel pressured to show, if all you want to do is be a pleasure rider we're happy to have you part of the team.  


Beginner Lessons:  (Duration 1 hr 20 min)                                                               $120


These lessons are suited to the rider who has never learned how to groom, tack, or ride ever before.  It’s important to us that our riders are independent, we are not just going to give you a horse to ride and put it away when you are done.  For the rider who is serious about learning what to do and wants to commit for the long haul this is the program for you.  You will be one on one with an instructor, they will teach you how to lead your horse, groom your horse, tack up your horse, you will begin your riding career on a lunge line to learn about how to properly sit, and ride your horse.  You will learn all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to working around horses, so you can be independent and safe.  As you progress you will be able to transition into our regular lesson program where you will be expected to come early for your lesson, tack up your horse, and be prepared to ride for your lesson.  Most riders will need approx 4-8 of these lessons before they are ready to progress on. 

Tea Cup lesson:  (Duration 20 min)                                                                     $45


This is for the young rider that doesn’t want to do beginner lesson, between the ages of 5-8 yrs, this is a condensed lesson we’ll tack up for you and put your horse away.  Perfect for the young tot who doesn’t have the attention span, nor physical capacity to handle our longer lessons.

Regular Lesson Program: (Duration 45-1 hr)                                                         $65

We provide the horse, you are expected to arrive early get your horse ready and be in the ring at your allotted time slot.  When you are finished you’ll be expected to put your horse away. 

These lessons are for all other levels of riders and can span from our experienced beginner to Competitive rider.  These lessons are either private or semi-private (semi lasts 1 hour))

Lesson on an owned horse: (Duration 45min - 1hr)                                                $50

These are the same as the lessons above except the horse is owned, or part boarded by the rider.  

Shipin Lessons:  (Duration 45min- 1 hr)                                                           $70 

For the rider who doesn't board at Janako but wants to come in for a lesson.  

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