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Janako Farms is a professionally run facility, we offer indoor, and outdoor board to clients. The well-being your horse is our top priority. We are all inclusive, and cater to the ever changing needs of our clients and their horses. In a beautiful facility with many recent upgrades, our goal is to care for your horse as one of our own!

Daily tasks include:                                       

  • Stall cleaned and well bedded with straw, with a base layer of shavings over the pee spot, 1 time a day. 

  • Water buckets dumped daily, scrubbed 2 times a week unless needed more often.

  • Unlimited hay 

  • Night check 

  • Blanketing 

  • Booting 

  • Feeding supplements that are provided

  • 2-3 individualized feedings per day 

  • Turnout in group, semi, and individual options available

Facility includes:

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